CHHA 2009 Conference


  Kite Aerial, Signal Hill.

   A drawing of the kite aerial used at Signal Hill for reception of the first Transatlantic    wireless signal, 12th December 1901.

    Artist unknown. From Marconi Company, Marconi Jubilee 1897-1947 (Chelmsford, England: Marconi’s Wireless Telegraph Company Limited,     1947) 17.

"In December 1901 Marconi assembled his receiver at Signal Hill, St. John’s, nearly the closest point to Europe in North America. He set up his receiving apparatus in an abandoned hospital that straddled the cliff facing Europe on the top of Signal Hill. After unsuccessful attempts to keep an antenna aloft with balloons and kites, because of the high winds, he eventually managed to raise an antenna with a kite for a short period of time for each of a few days. Accounts vary, but Marconi’s notes indicate that the transatlantic message was received via this antenna."

Thus began, the modern era of telecommunications and much of the amazing technology that exists today and which brings so much to our overall quality of life, especially those who are hard of hearing.

The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association (CHHA) & Canadian Hard of Hearing Association-Newfoundland and Labrador (CHHA-NL) invite you and your family to visit the beautiful province of Newfoundland Labrador in May 2009 for the CHHA National Conference and AGM.