2005 Survey Reports

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Dear Members and Supporters of the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association;

We are pleased to provide you with a copy of The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association 2005 survey reports:

These reports examine hearing health care services, policies and practices in Canada. The original surveys that these reports were extrapolated from were developed in 2005 in cooperation with:

We recognize that there are a number of factors that contribute to success in service provision. Government-wide recognition of hearing loss as a major disability and a strategy to promote aural rehabilitation would be an initial step.

The extent of existing ties between professionals and consumers, as well as a comprehensive curriculum that would include counselling and aural rehabilitation on the part of educational institutions would be beneficial to all participants.

Another important factor of success is the extent to which hearing aid dealers, audiology departments and hearing health care policies and procedures create a welcoming environment for persons with hearing loss to facilitate their re-entry into Canadian society. This report indicates that while the majority of participants were generally satisfied with the service given by Hearing Health Care Professionals when it came to traditional procedures such as; testing, diagnosis and hearing aid selection, there is work to be done in a number of areas where professionals could work with consumer groups to increase knowledge in areas related to obtaining financial assistance, providing literature and making referrals to coping, communication and other support areas.

It is clear that given the impressive growth in the population of our elderly generation, all hearing health services will be facing increased demand for testing, diagnosis, hearing aid selection and aural rehabilitation services (communication, counselling and technical services), often at a time of financial and human resource constraint. In light of this shared reality, we believe there is an opportunity to learn from this survey the necessity to develop policies and streamline processes to deal with these challenges. It is our hope that this report will be an integral step in that direction.

Michel David, MSW
Project Coordinator
Canadian Hard of Hearing Association

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