Hearing Loss does not Discriminate

Hearing loss does not discriminate.

One of the big misconceptions surrounding hearing loss is that it only affects older people – FALSE!

Hearing loss can impact anyone at any time! Recent statistics show that 60% of Adults report some level of hearing healthcare issues, and ~20 % of Youth indicating increasing levels of hearing loss, these stats emphasize the important role of CHHA as the national leader for consumer interests.

This  Speech and Hearing Month make your hearing health a priority. Connect with us to learn more at www.chha.ca 

Engaging with our community through our community. Be part of the hearing loss awareness movement. If you want to share your Hearing Loss …” loud and proud moment” …stay tuned for more opportunities to be included in our next videos. We are building a community of supporters to raise awareness and connect Canadians with hearing loss.

Watch our awareness video here or click on the image below.

A special thank you to our video participants:

April Mitrik, @hardtohearit
Massimo Luciani, @massimo__luciani
Anne Marie Langlois, @amlcml
Kellina Powell, @deafqueenboss
Carrie Hartwick, @carriehartwick
Bill Corner
Eyra Abraham, @chicaeyra
Tony Bohemier, @bohemiertony
Nashlea Brogan, @nashleabrogan.aud

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