Hope for Hearing

CHHA is a proud partner of Hope For Hearing, a student-run non profit organization raising funds and awareness for hearing loss. 

Hope For Hearing originated with a group of students who had a common love for music. Noticing that some individuals who were hard of hearing had limited access to music, they wanted to make a change in their community. Hope For Hearing’s mission is to spread awareness regarding hearing loss, support those currently affected by it, and help raise money for Cochlear Implant research and development for their fundraising partner, Sunnybrook Hospital. 

“Being able to impact those through a cause that we all deeply care about and have personal connections to is truly fulfilling”

-Roy Feng, Hope For Hearing’s Founder and President. 

Hope For Hearing started at Upper Canada College located in Toronto. Through snack shops, running music nights, and various fundraisers, they’ve been able to gain the support of many students, faculty, and parents in their community. Since then, Hope For Hearing has continuously sought growth and was featured at the Toronto Diversity Festival, Thornhill Ice Skating Show, and has performed at Delmanor Northtown’s retirement home. Furthermore, Hope For Hearing has gained the attention from many schools across Canada to further its mission, currently reaching over 17 schools with their own chapters, initiatives, and community impact. 

So far, Hope For Hearing has been able to raise over $6,000 and looks to continue to work with CHHA to further its mission and fundraising efforts. 

“As we continue our efforts, we hope to have even more schools join us on our mission, host large scale music concerts for awareness spreading, and workshops for further awareness and education.” says Daniel Xing, Hope For Hearing’s Co-Founder and Vice-President. 

Check out more at www.hopeforhearing.ca.

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