Living with Hearing Loss

Embracing life with hearing loss is a journey filled with triumphs and growth.

At CHHA, we know that hearing loss affects every aspect of an individual’s life as it impacts our ability to communicate. Communication is a bridge that connects us to all parts of our world: our workplaces, our schools, our relationships, and our support systems.

When our ability to communicate and connect undergoes change, many individuals feel isolated, depressed, or frustrated. They may withdraw from friends, fall behind in work obligations, or skip social events they once enjoyed. Most people with hearing loss crave community and connection, but don’t know where to start finding it.

CHHA exists to ensure that every individual has the tools they need to both hear and be heard. We strive for Canadians with hearing loss to access everything necessary for a full, enriching quality of life. Whether you’re facing a recent diagnosis, have navigated hearing loss for some time and seek support, or are a parent of a child with hearing loss, we’re here to ensure you never walk alone on your journey.

By joining the CHHA network, you’ll enter a vibrant community with a wealth of information and resources. This network provides the support and assistance needed to embrace life fully, thriving in the face of hearing loss. Together, we celebrate the strength within and look towards the countless possibilities ahead.

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