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Who Can Join CHHA?

At CHHA, we welcome everyone who shares an interest in hearing health and wants to be part of a supportive community. Our membership is open to:

1. Individuals with Hearing Loss:

If you or a loved one experiences hearing loss, CHHA is here for you. Join us to connect with others facing similar challenges and access resources tailored to your needs.

2. Family and Friends:

Friends and family play a crucial role in supporting individuals with hearing loss. CHHA membership is open to those who want to learn more, share experiences, and be part of a caring community.

3. Healthcare Professionals:

We invite healthcare professionals, including audiologists, family physicians, and other specialists, to join CHHA. Collaborate with a diverse network and contribute to the collective knowledge in the field of hearing health.

4. Educators and Advocates:

Teachers, advocates, and professionals in education are crucial partners in creating inclusive environments for individuals with hearing loss. CHHA membership provides an opportunity to connect, share insights, and work together for positive change.

5. Anyone Passionate about Hearing Health:

Whether you have a personal connection to hearing health or simply have a passion for the cause, CHHA is open to individuals who want to contribute to raising awareness, fostering understanding, and making a difference in the lives of those with hearing loss.

Benefits of Membership

Great Deals in Our E-Store:

  • Get 10% or more off on everything you buy at the CHHA E-store. That means you save money while checking out some awesome products. Check them out at!

Affordable Rates for CHHA Events:

  • Join CHHA events, like our biannual national conference, at a discounted rate. Be part of our exciting events without breaking the bank.

Stay Updated with CHHA Newsletters:

  • Get the latest info on hearing health, community events, and our programs and services through our newsletters, IListen and IListen Plus. 

Have a Say:

  • Your voice matters! As a CHHA member, you can vote on important things at our annual meetings.

Connect and Get Support:

  • Connect with Canadians across our CHHA National Networks. Receive information and support from people with lived experience! 

Join Informative, Exciting Webinars and Workshops:

  • Get early access to webinar registration and join our exclusive member-only webinars. 

Save Money with Bell and Rogers:

  • CHHA members get a $20 discount on Bell and Rogers programs. Stay connected without spending too much!

Membership Portal

We’re currently working on a new membership portal for our valued members. Stay tuned for updates!

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