Mentorship Program

Find Connection

People who experience hearing loss often face emotional and practical challenges that affect their relationships, work, and daily activities. This can leave individuals feeling lonely, unsupported, and frustrated. 

The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association (CHHA) online mentoring program was created to help change this experience. It’s designed to help individuals connect and learn new skills to manage their hearing loss in everyday life from people that have been in their shoes. 

Our program is open to Canadians with hearing loss of all ages.

Connect With A Mentor

Ready to find support and guidance for managing your hearing loss?

Our online mentoring program offers personalized connections with experienced individuals who understand what you’re going through.

Whether you’re seeking practical advice or emotional support, our mentors are here to help you navigate life with hearing loss. Join our program today to connect with a mentor who can empower you on your journey.

Become A Mentor

Support individuals navigating hearing loss by sharing your lived experience and insight.

Become A Mentee

Receive confidential one-on-one support from an individual who knows what you're going through.

Explore Group Mentoring

Participate in our Group Mentoring sessions each month to explore new topics, build confidence, and reduce isolation—all from your home with no long-term commitment.
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