Speech & Hearing Month Virtual Webinar with Gael Hannan

Join us Thursday, May 30th for a virtual Webinar with Gael Hannan
Most people with hearing loss don’t consider themselves to be hearing health advocates. And yet, without realizing it, they are!
Being an advocate doesn’t require big things, such as giving talks, writing books, or standing up at government meetings.
It’s as simple as being open, to even one person, about having hearing loss and what we need. It’s as basic as asking for captions to be turned on in a public place or posting on Facebook. It’s as easy as wearing our hearing aids every day, and maybe letting them show a bit.
This is called showing up for hearing loss.
Here we are at the very end of Speech & Hearing Month. How have we shown up for hearing loss this past month and what can we do, going forward?
Gael Hannan talks about her years of hearing loss advocacy and the Canadian hearing loss advocates, past and present, groups and individuals who inspire her. She invites you to join the conversation.
Advocate, Author
“Hear & Beyond: Live Skillfully with Hearing Loss" (with Shari Eberts)

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