Travelling with Hearing Loss

I travelled recently to Cuba with my family and this was my first time travelling since having bilateral Otosclerosis. Travelling with hearing loss (in my opinion) is a lot more stressful BUT that does not mean it’s not worth it.

I was worried about being overstimulated and protecting my hearing aids from the sand, heat and water but I was pleasantly surprised and the trip was a success.

It is important to mentally prepare yourself though for things might not go as planned. I was not anticipating the plane not having captions that worked for movies (very minor but still frustrating). I was not anticipating the tropical birds squawking setting off my hearing aids. All very minor things but honestly things I didn’t think about.

Here are my top 3 tips for travelling with hearing loss:

  1. Bring more supplies than you think you need.
  2. Bring a dry bag (if you are travelling around water)
  3. Try not to stress ahead of time (easier said than done😜)

I also recommend checking out the CHHA E-Store for some products to help make your travelling smoother.;

Here are some products that may help:

  1. Audinell Startset BTE Cleaning Kit
  2. The Rechargeable Dry Box For All Hearing Aids Dry-Cap Uv 3.1®
  3. B-Dry Dry Box
  4. Hearing With My Heart – Justin Osmond Biography (I always like to travel with a good book)

What has your travel experience been like with hearing loss?

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